Back to the Grind

Happy (delayed) New Years! Today marked the first day of normal at work since the holidays. It’s good to get back in to the swing of things, but I won’t complain about the shortened days and laid back atmosphere the last few weeks!

This morning I got myself out of bed at 5:30 am and headed to the gym for a leg workout. Because of the holidays I feel like my workouts have been all over the place so it was nice to start a routine for this week again.

When I headed over to do some cardio ALL of the Stairmasters and ellipticals were being used (at 7 in the morning!) A lot of determined people at the gym. So I jumped on the treadmill and improvised an incline walk/sprint workout.

15 min incline

It was pretty short but after doing deadlifts, leg press, and lunges my legs felt pretty heavy.

Random Thoughts from the weekend:

-It snowed a little bit but not enough to stick and it is all gone today.  How is it January 7th and there is still no snow on the ground??

-I need a new book to read…any suggestions?

-HOCKEY IS BACK! And it’s just in time, The Bears aren’t in the playoffs so I need something to watch again.


-I’m still not good at bowling.  In 2 games I didn’t get one strike. Sad.

Now off to watch the BCS game/The Bachelor.  Roll Irish?


Miranda Lambert: Someone to Look Up to

“I don’t care about being stick-thin. I don’t want stuff to jiggle. Really skinny actresses make me hungry—I see them and think, Honey, you need to eat! I’m lucky I don’t have to live like that. I feel my best when I’m a toned, not flabby, size 8. Women come up to me and say, ‘You’re beautiful and confident, and that makes me feel I can be, too.'” Miranda Lambert in SELF Magazine

I love this.  This is how every girl should approach fitness…including myself.  It’s not easy but it’s an amazing way to look at it.  I have always struggled with body image and looking at myself in a negative way rather than congratulating myself for all the hard work I put in.  I recommend reading this article.  Since I’m not a huge country fan I haven’t really followed Miranda Lambert, but I now have an all new respect for her.

Who’s excited that it’s Friday?!  I took a half day at work to come home and clean the house this afternoon for our BBQ tomorrow.  It’s freezing right now, I hope it warms up for tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I’m also running The Color Run.  I’m very excited!  I will be sure to post some very colorful pictures afterwards!


Tuesday: Ran 3 miles for training

Wednesday: Ran 4 mile interval run then a quick biceps/triceps workout

Thursday: I went to the gym without a plan so I created a workout on the go then ran 3 miles

Chase Corporate Challenge

It’s less than 2 months until the half marathon… and my knees already aren’t happy with my decision to run this. Yesterday when I was running on the treadmill (it was suppose to be a 4 mile day), I was bored. I found myself glancing over towards the weights and everyone lifting. I miss it! I’m sore after my runs, but it’s a different type of sore. I only made it to 3 miles before I called it quits. I wasn’t mentally in it, so another mile was not going to happen. But this is something I want to achieve…if only once, I want to run a half marathon. July 23rd I can go back to my normal routine. Until then I have to get my head in the game (Sorry I had to link it…Zac Efron gets me everytime…sigh)

Tonight I’m running the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge for my company. It’s 3.5 miles with 22,000 other people. Last year I spent most of the time dodging people, but I ran a 8 min mile pace while doing it. Probably because it was more of a game then a race. Also, last year it was 40 degrees and raining while this year it is suppose to be 80 degrees and very windy. Oh Chicago weather.


Monday: Full Body Workout then 35 minutes on the StairMaster

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles and some abs

Wednesday: Ran 3 miles and 10 min on the bike

New workout clothes and Easter eggs

Long weekends are the best! I love being able to sleep in a little bit, go work out whenever I feel like it and still have the rest of the day ahead of me! After my workout on Friday I ventured to Kohl’s with my 20% off coupon. Just as I was about to walk out of the store after wandering through the clothes, purses, and shoe departments the “Active Apparel” department full of neon colors caught my eye.

Not only do I have a slight problem with loving workout clothes and shoes, the brighter they are the better. I love that neon colors are “in” right now. Have you seen the new Nike Free running shoe commercial? (I Would Run to You) Adam made fun of me because I totally fell for Nike’s advertising. I want her shoes!

Anyway, I ended up leaving Kohl’s with very bright neon yellow shorts and a Nike fitted tee (see below 🙂 )


Saturday we enjoyed the weather by going on a rollerblade with Howell (Adam’s German Shepherd).


AND Easter Sunday was filled with church, family, awesome food, too much sugar, and Easter eggs (more bright colors and glitter involved)


Weekend Workouts
Friday: Lift Biceps and Triceps and 30 mins on the elliptical
Saturday: Lift Legs and 30 mins on the Stairmaster
Sunday: 5 mile run at a little under a 9 min pace (since moving last November I’m still hunting for the perfect running routes close to home, I think I found a good 5 mile loop. It’s hard because our neighborhood is uphill on my way back towards the house..not always fun after running for awhile)

Here Goes Nothing!

Well, I’ve decided to plunge into the world of blogging.  I’ve made a habit out of reading a few different blogs every morning and have always wanted to start but never really pulled the trigger.  But here I am!  A few things made me want to finally start:

  • I’m one of those freaks who loves working out.  In the past year I started lifting a lot more, it’s helped me out a lot with body image and feeling better about myself, physically and mentally.  Hopefully someone will read this and it will inspire them to work out too.
  • At my gym I’m one of the few girls who ventures into the free weights.  I love the interesting coversations and advice I get from the men who are lifting; from how to whiten my teeth to the best way to stretch like my dog. Everything you wouldn’t expect to hear from a group of men lifting heavy weights 🙂
  • I just bought a house.  That in itself has been an adventure.
  • I try my best to eat the healthiest I can.  Maybe this will help me out even more?
  • I signed up for my first half marathon.  I will be running the Rock n Roll Half on July 22.  This will be a great place to share my training and maybe find someone else who wants to train with me.

If you’re reading this…thanks!  Hopefully you check it out again…I’d love to share my life with you!