Moving into 2013

Hope you had a great holiday weekend with your families!  Despite having to work until 2 on Christmas Eve, I had a great, family filled 2 days.  We went to my parent’s house on Christmas eve, my grandpa’s house for Christmas morning, and Adam’s parent’s house to round out our Christmas celebrations.  There were 15 people at Adam’s parent’s house…craziness.  Coming from a smaller family I tend to sit and take in the chaos around me, rather than participate in it. 

Since I just started blogging (occasionally) this year I didn’t have any written down goals for 2012, so instead I thought I would do a recap: 


-Chase Corporate Challenge

-The Color Run


-Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon


-Turkey Trot

-Ugly Sweater 5k


(Please note the mustache..)

I think that’s it?

Tried and LOVED CrossFit – I wish I could go back because the gym just isn’t the same after doing crossfit for a month.  I do have a groupon for 2 weeks at another box that I haven’t used yet.  I almost feel like I’ll be cheating on the original box I went to though.  Maybe after the new year I’ll use it to avoid the resolution crowd at the gym (side note:  It’s awesome that so many people sign up for the gym and start going more after January 1 but I hate how crowded it gets for about 3 weeks.  At least if they stayed with their goals and continued going to the gym all year I would know what to expect. End rant.)

I Continued Lifting heavier than I used to– I love being stronger than I used to be.  It’s amazing, I weigh the most I ever have but I feel the best and am more confident than I used to be. 


Crossfit – I know I’ll use my 2 week Groupon in January sometime, but I wish I could continue.  It’s a very expensive sport that I don’t know if I can justify paying $150 a month for.  If anything I know I will continue to read the website every day and throw a WOD into my routine every once and awhile. 

Tough Mudder – I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to sign up for the Chicago Tough Mudder in May.  I haven’t been running as much because I don’t have a race to train for.  I think if I don’t sign up for the Tough Mudder I’ll definitely be doing the Urbanathalon again in the fall.  Obstacle races are so much fun and you don’t feel like you’re running the 10 miles because of the obstacles thrown in between.

Consistent Blogging – I want to continue to grow my blog and write on a more consistent basis.  It’s fun and even though not many people read it (yet…) hopefully I can help someone along the way.  The last week I’ve been working out before work, it’s nice being able to go straight home at the end of the work day and I have more time at night.  Hopefully this will give me more time to write great things. 

Handstands – This is completely random but I would love to be able to do a handstand.  I don’t really know where to start but we’ll see if it happens.  Practice makes perfect right?

What are your 2013 goals?