Some thoughts on Paleo

It seems like the word paleo is becoming more and more popular.  It’s always intrigued me but I have never really seen it as a possibility.  Paleo has always seemd like a lot of work and preparation. But ever since I tried crossfit I’ve wanted to actually try eating paleo for at least a week (or maybe a few days).

The last few weeks I’ve made Skillet Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Spinach Hash for lunches.  It was easy and by making it on Sunday night I was able to eat it for lunch until Thursday.  I have one meal down so all I need to do is focus on is breakfast and dinner.  I think I’ll be able to do it…but since next week is Thanksgiving I’m going to make it my goal for the following week.  It’ll be perfect for one of my goals for Best Body Boot Camp!  Eating Paleo for a week will also make me plan meals before going grocery shopping..which I’m usually not very good at.

Have you tried the paleo diet? If you have a favorite recipe or paleo website let me know! I’m a little excited to go on this adventure for a week, who knows maybe it will last longer.

Wednesday Workout

Bicep/Tricep workout – I did Cleans on Sunday and my wrists were a little sore when I was doing any bicep movement.  Hopefully it’s just sore and nothing that will last a long time.

Row 1,000 m – rowing is not easy!  I try to jump onto the row machine at the gym every once and awhile though because it is an excellent workout!

Stairmaster – 30 min