Friday Inspiration



This was the quote of the day on Oakley’s Perform Beautifully Collective ( website. It’s the first time I looked at the site and it’s really inspirational to see so many women doing amazing things.

I love this quote, but it’s a little scary to think about and actually put into practice. This is a good way to look at it though. You can’t push your limits without some risk.

Anyways…Happy Friday! We made it through the week!

It took me a little longer to make it to the gym this morning so I only got in a quick leg workout.

Front Squats: I haven’t done these in a awhile so I wasn’t sure how they would go. I think I did pretty good.

10 rep warm-up at 45 lbs

2x 10 rep at 85 lbs

10 rep at 95 lbs

Single Leg Lunge on Bench with a 25 lb plate superset with Abs

3 sets of 10 reps each leg

Lying Leg Curl Pyramid: Start with 14 reps at an average weight then increase weight by 10 lbs and decrease reps by 2 and repeat until you get to 2 reps

leg curl pyramid

Then I did 28 minutes of intervals on the elliptical while watching Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Quality show to start off my morning Smile

Since it’s Friday and we’re pretty much out of all breakfast food at home I decided to check out the Protein Bar on my way to work for breakfast. It opened a few weeks ago right next to my gym. I’ve tried their quinoa chili in Downtown Chicago once and enjoyed it so I thought I’d give breakfast a shot. I don’t think it can become a regular thing because my quinoa oatmeal was $4.30.


It was different…but good different. I had bananas mixed in but I think strawberries or blueberries would be even better. They also ask what kind of protein you would like (I chose Whey) and what kind of milk (I chose skim). All good things.



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