Has anyone else been using hand sanitizer like crazy after watching the news or listening to the radio this morning? The main topic of the day is the flu epidemic sweeping the country. I got a flu shot this year but I still get nervous. Having the flu is the worst.

I’ve been meaning to post this workout since I did it on New Year’s eve but I’m just getting around to it (baby steps towards my 2013 blog goal…). I had to work on the morning of New Year’s eve and wanted to get a quick workout in before we had people over that night. I decided to check out the WOD on crossfit.com and found “Loredo”.


It was tough! It took me 33:52.7. I thought that was really slow but when I looked at the times posted on the website it was right around average. I do think I would’ve gone a little faster if I ran the 400’s outside. I probably put the treadmill on a slower speed than I could’ve run a few times.


Even a few rounds of this workout would be killer. My legs felt like jell-o afterwards!

This morning I lifted triceps and biceps with some abs mixed into the supersets. Then afterwards I did 25 minutes of intervals on the stairs.


Tomorrow’s Friday!  Doing anything fun this weekend?


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