Monday thoughts

1.       We had our company Christmas party downtown Chicago tonight.  It was a lot of fun…also a good time watching your bosses break it down on the dance floor.   After the party I went to Second City with Adam and some friends.  It was really funny!  It’s amazing how many SNL actors started at Second City.

2.       I chopped off 5 inches (!) of my hair last week.  Is it weird that one of the first things I do is check to see what it looks like in a ponytail?  Now that I actually write it down…it seems a little strange. Oh well. 


3.       My birthday is today! And I have a dentist appt…who does that? 

4.       Thanks to Best Body Boot Camp…I have a new love for Tabata workouts.  For some reason I’ve always been nervous about doing them at the gym.  But I downloaded a Tabata timer (A HIIT Interval) and stuck my headphones in and went for it.  It was fun, went by quickly, and was an awesome workout!  I’m sure at some points I looked ridiculous flopping around on the stability ball but I can’t wait to do the 2 workouts again and create some of my own Tabata workouts too! I’ll keep you posted on good ones.

5.       Two Words: New Shoes.  I haven’t ran in them yet…but I’m excited to start breaking them in!


6.       Last week I woke up early and did an Insanity workout before work.  It felt good…I wonder if I’ll be able to get up every morning that early? It was nice to get my workout in before work. 

7.       It needs to snow…I’m sick of rain.  It’s December 10th!  If we don’t get snow today Chicago will break the record for most consecutive days without snow…280 days without snow.

Have a great Monday!

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