Still not a Runner

Well I ran a half marathon…then I stopped focusing on running and focused on other forms of working out.  Now, I have no idea how I ran 13.1 miles without stopping and rolling over on the side of the road.  It’s amazing how easily I lose my running endurance.  I’m not a runner…at all.  But, my biggest problem is probably the fact that I mentally can’t call myself a runner (which started in middle school when we were forced to run in gym).

I ran 5 miles on Saturday morning and could hardly walk on Sunday because my hips were so tight.  Next week I’m running 2 5k’s (Turkey Trot and an Ugly Sweater run) so I’m hoping that will help me get my speed back up to where it was (still no where near a majority of the fitness bloggers out there…but I try). Tina Reale’s Best Body Boot Camp interval runs have helped a lot too.  Not only are they an awesome workout but the time flies by on the treadmill.

Oh and this happened on halloween…











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