Weekend Recap (Better late than never)

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and I’m just writing this now! Not only was the weekend full of activity I feel like this week is crazy as well!  I feel like I’ve done so much lately that if I wrote about everything in detail we would be here for hours. So here is a quick Rachel catch up session…with some pictures to go along with it 🙂

Thursday night was the Chase Corporate Challenge. When I said there would be a lot of people I meant it, 23,000 people (which meant 46,000 elbows to avoid) later we made it to the finish line!


Friday night I met my best friend downtown at Bottles and Bottega, a BYOB art class. I am not artistic with a paintbrush, but I thought my artwork turned out pretty well.


Saturday I needed to sweat out the wine from the night before so I did an Insanity DVD, Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Sorry I don’t have any photos of me sweating my butt off but don’t worry…it was insane. After doing some more yardwork on Saturday, Adam and I met up with some of his past clients for a happy hour followed by some sushi. I was able to enjoy my first Summer Shandy of the season.

I woke up at 6:45 am on Sunday to run 7 miles for training. I wanted to get it in before it got too hot…I’m very glad I did because it got up to 97 later in the day! I was proud of myself…7 miles in 1 hr and 3 min. A lot better than my run last week!

In the afternoon we went to my parents house for a BBQ. My aunt and uncle from Wisconsin were in town, I haven’t seen them since Christmas so it was nice to catch up. Oh, and Adam got to drive my Uncle’s Corvette…probably the highlight of his day.


Sunday night, Adam, Howell, and I went on an adventure to Redbox to pick up Iron Man 2 (I’ve never seen it and after seeing Avengers I thought I should). Well…lesson of the day…check the Redbox you’re walking a mile and a half to before you leave to see if the movie you want is there. At least we got a good walk in? Good news though, Iron Man 2 was on Netflix so we got to watch it anyways.

Monday was a catch up day…a trip to the grocery store, hardware store, and the gym. I was very excited to actually lift again! I decided to repeat the Total Body workout I did a few weeks ago. It’s a good workout and I didn’t want to focus too much on only one part of my body.

We ended the weekend with the perfect summer meal: grilled chicken breast, grilled corn, and watermelon.


I think it’s okay to say summer is officially here! What did you do this weekend to celebrate the beginning of summer? Were you able to fit in a few workouts between all the parties?


We’re having a Summer kick-off BBQ this weekend with friends.  I never realized how much work is needed to put together a BBQ.  I have numerous lists going! 


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