Successful Mother’s Day and other Random Wednesday Facts

1. I made my Mom cry on Mother’s Day (Happy tears, of course).  My present was a hit.  I made a collage of old and new pictures of my mom, my sister and I with the Taylor Swift lyrics, “The Best Day.”  I love family days.  Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon with my family and dinner at PF Chang’s with Adam’s family…it was perfect.

2. Last night when I went to the grocery store the man checking me out told me I eat too healthy. I’m not sure if he was trying to compliment me, but I took it as a compliment. It especially made me feel good because I purposely was trying to shop very healthy…I guess mission accomplished. I want to get back to a clean diet. Since living on my own I know I haven’t been eating as healthy and clean as I was when my Dad was cooking dinners every night.

3. Bachelorette started this week! Although some of the guys seem a little full of themselves…I think there are a few good ones. When I was watching the Bachelor last season I stumbled upon a spoiler of the winner online about a month before the end of the show. It wasn’t as fun to watch when I know who wins before it ends. So this season I am not reading anything online. Although, it was fun to read Reality Steves take on the season while the season was going on.  Are you watching the Bachlorette…do you already have a favorite??


It always takes a few weeks for me to get all of the guys names down, but Jeff, the skateboarder/Water CEO, really stuck out to me as a genuine and down to earth guy.  He is a little different though so it will be interesting to see how long he sticks around.



4. This week is beautiful in Chicagoland. I hate being stuck in my cubicle but we have been going on walks at lunch. It’s good to get out and stretch our legs when the weather is nice. Although yesterday it made the afternoon crawl by because I just wanted to go back outside.

5. I’m playing sand volleyball again today after work! Yay!



Rest Day!


Ran 5 miles on the treadmill. I was upset that it was raining all morning so I had to run inside BUT I decided to venture over to LA Fitness in Oakbrook. The treadmills are so high-tech! Not only do they have touch screens but they have an Ipod hookup to play your music through the treadmill and a USB port to save your workout when your done. The weights and machines looked very nice as well…I’ll have to take another trip over there sometime soon to do some lifting.


Since I was really busy with Mother’s Day and family activites I didn’t have time for an actual workout. I did however do some weeding around the yard. There were times where my thighs were burning from squatting down to pull the weeds.


Lifted Back/Biceps/Triceps and 30 minutes on the Stairmaster. With all the running I’m going for the Half Marathon I forgot how much I miss a tough lifting session. It felt good to be a little sore again this morning.

Do you have a random Wednesday Fact to share?


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