Case of the Mondays

Today I definitely have a case of the Mondays.  Memorial day needs to get here sooner because I am in desperate need of a long weekend.  It doesn’t help that this was a really lazy weekend.  Friday night we went and saw The Avengers.  The movie theatre was out of control.  Every show was selling out, which in turn made everyone in line for tickets panic.  Luckily the movie theatre added another showing so we were able to get tickets.  It was worth it…I would highly recommend it! 

Saturday I met up with Adam at Lifetime Fitness when he was done working and we did some good shoulder/bicep/tricep exercises.  (I was supposed to run 4 miles for my half marathon training but it was cold and rainy outside and I wasn’t really feeling the treadmill)  Since we had nothing planned and I had movie passes to use from LivingSocial, we went and saw Hunger Games on Saturday night.  The movie theatre was just as full for Hunger Games as it was for The Avengers.  My theory is that everyone who couldn’t get tickets for The Avengers went and saw Hunger Games instead. 

Hunger Games was great!  I just finished reading the 3rd book and without giving anything away to anyone who hasn’t had the privilege of reading the book or seeing the movie yet, I am Team Peeta (Right there with you Alyssa 🙂 ) Although based purely on the movie and appearance I’d have to say Gale would be a good bet 🙂 

After the movie, Adam and I went and enjoyed half price sushi at our weekend go-to.  We even planned the time of the movie based on the fact that sushi is half price after 10 pm. 

Sunday was another stormy day so a lot of lounging around.  BUT we did go get a grill!  Adam’s birthday is next week, so it was an early birthday present from his amazing girlfriend.  Look how happy he is grilling…

For the inaugural grilling we grilled some chicken breast with Open Put BBQ sauce and some asparagus. Yum!

Here’s to a summer of delicious food! 


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