Friday…Weddings, Best Friends, and Boot Weather!

It’s finally Friday! But…it’s only 11 am, which means I still have 6 more hours in my cubicle before the weekend begins. Things to look forward to this weekend:

-We have one of my coworker’s weddings tomorrow. It should be a good time…especially with an open bar all of my coworkers 🙂

-My best friend will be in Wheaton for the afternoon on Sunday! Even though she only lives downtown it’s sometimes hard to get our schedules to sync so it’ll be good to see her.

I’m planning on waking up early tomorrow morning to get in a workout before the wedding. I also have to make a trip to the DMV to get a new sticker for my license plate. Oh boy. Then it’s time to get all pretty 🙂 One of my favorite parts about a wedding is getting all dressed up…I even bought a new dress for this one! What’s your favorite part?

On another note, I’m secretly happy it’s still in the 40’s in Chicago today because that means it’s still boot weather. I have a slight obsession with boots.


Sweater: TJMaxx about 10 years ago (yes, I’ve had this since middle school)

Tank Top: Target

Jeans: Express

Boots: Aldo

Necklace and Bracelet: From my amazing boyfriend for the last two Christmas’ 🙂


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