Hash Runs? Drinking and Running…I’m in!

I was with my roommate from college last weekend (who I’ve gotten to see twice in a month…very exciting!) and she mentioned a new running group her and one of her friends recently discovered.  They meet once a week to do a Hash Run.  I texted another one of my running friends and asked him if he had ever done a Hash run.  I quickly discovered that this could sound very different (and possibly illegal) if you don’t actually know what it is. 

What I can gather from the information I received from her and from google…you run, while following a path two runners have left, and stop to drink along the way.  My roommate said you don’t even realize your running as far as you are. The name “Hash” comes from the Hash House Harriers. Check this out to read more. According to Wikipedia it goes all the way back to 1938.   

Since the Quad Cities are too far for me to travel for a weekly run/drink, I tried to find some Hash Runs around me. Chicago has a group called the Chicago Hash House Harriers.  It looks like a lot of fun but I’m wondering if there are some unknown rules for “hashing.” Can you just show up?  I also found a website that lists all of the kennels (group of hashers) in a certain area. (http://www.gotothehash.net/) There are hashers all over the world! Why haven’t I heard about this before??

Has anyone participated in one of these?  Can you just show up and join in on the fun?  Anyone in Chicago want to do one with me??


Tuesday: 40 minute interval run (Posted Here)

Wednesday: (I was suppose to go back to HealthSource for my second appointment/massage but because the first one didn’t go as well I had hoped I decided a good workout would be much more beneficial)

Lifted: Biceps/Triceps and 35 minutes on the StairMaster 


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