My legs are so sore.

Yesterday at the gym I decided to bust out a plyometric jumping workout that I haven’t done in a while.  My hamstrings and butt are so sore today.  But it feels so good.  All you need is an aerobic step and 20 risers.

Different size boxes would work too!

Below is the workout!  If the risers are too high (or too low) just put the step on less (or more) risers.  Just a warning…I did fall once yesterday.  It was embarrassing and everyone in the gym did stop what they’re doing and stare.  My tip if you fall…just pretend it never happened 🙂 

But seriously…please be careful! 


P.S. If you like it make sure you   !         

Today after I lifted chest and back I came home and did Insanity….Max Interval Circuit.  Sean T really knows how to beat you up! I hate it while it’s happening but if feels so good when you’re done.  I’ve never actually done the full Insanity program but I like having the DVD set so I can do one of the workouts to change it up my routine a little bit. 

Does anyone else do this? What’s your favorite DVD to do if you are just doing it for a good workout?   


Sunday: Plyo workout above and a ladder sequence from my volleyball days

Monday: Lift Back and Chest then  Insanity: Max Interval Circuit


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