Chiropractor Visit!

On Monday when I went to the gym a representative from HealthSource was there signing up members for a free chiropractic analysis and massage.  Give me a free massage and I’m there!  I also thought it would be interesting to hear what a chiropractor has to say. 

A quick picture while I was waiting to capture my office visit

I’ve never really considered going to a chiropractor on a regular basis.  I mostly wanted to hear what she would have to say about my knees/IT bands.  Playing volleyball for most of my life has been pretty hard on my knees (And I’m sure all the running doesn’t help much either).  Senior year of college I strained my MCL and ever since my knee hasn’t really been the same. 

Sweet Knee Brace!

Since it was a free appointment and I don’t have any major problems the appointment only lasted about a half an hour and didn’t really give me any insight on what I could do to ease the pain, besides coming back once a month for appointments.  I’m hoping when I go back next week for my massage I’ll learn a few stretching techniques that might help. 

One thing the chiropractor did share with me was the power of the foam roller.  I try to foam roll my IT bands after long runs and have used it on my shoulders and back on various occasions.  If you don’t foam roll I would HIGHLY recommend it!   One thing she mentioned that I have never tried is to foam roll my inner thighs/knees.  I’m going to try it on a regular basis for a while and see what happens!  We’ll see. 

I’ll report back next week after my massage and see if I get any more tips.


Monday: Lift back and shoulders, 30 minute intervals on elliptical

Tuesday: 5 mile treadmill run at 9 min pace

Wednesday: Rest Day


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