New workout clothes and Easter eggs

Long weekends are the best! I love being able to sleep in a little bit, go work out whenever I feel like it and still have the rest of the day ahead of me! After my workout on Friday I ventured to Kohl’s with my 20% off coupon. Just as I was about to walk out of the store after wandering through the clothes, purses, and shoe departments the “Active Apparel” department full of neon colors caught my eye.

Not only do I have a slight problem with loving workout clothes and shoes, the brighter they are the better. I love that neon colors are “in” right now. Have you seen the new Nike Free running shoe commercial? (I Would Run to You) Adam made fun of me because I totally fell for Nike’s advertising. I want her shoes!

Anyway, I ended up leaving Kohl’s with very bright neon yellow shorts and a Nike fitted tee (see below 🙂 )


Saturday we enjoyed the weather by going on a rollerblade with Howell (Adam’s German Shepherd).


AND Easter Sunday was filled with church, family, awesome food, too much sugar, and Easter eggs (more bright colors and glitter involved)


Weekend Workouts
Friday: Lift Biceps and Triceps and 30 mins on the elliptical
Saturday: Lift Legs and 30 mins on the Stairmaster
Sunday: 5 mile run at a little under a 9 min pace (since moving last November I’m still hunting for the perfect running routes close to home, I think I found a good 5 mile loop. It’s hard because our neighborhood is uphill on my way back towards the house..not always fun after running for awhile)


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