You are what you Eat

I’m going to try writing down what I eat…for more than 2 days. I have the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app on my phone and every once and awhile I’ll use that for a day or two but I always have a hard time doing it every day. I’m going to try it for a week and see if it makes a difference.

I eat a pretty clean diet every day already, but I always sneak in a few sweets here or there. It gets hard walking past the receptionist’s desk at work and not taking a Hersey kiss. Maybe I should find a different route to the bathroom? It’s also hard living with a boyfriend who has a diet that consists of poptarts, frozen pizza and oreos. Maybe by writing down what I eat I won’t be tempted to grab an oreo out of the cabinet while I’m making dinner.

Also, I’m going to start putting a summary of my workout for the day at the bottom of each post. Why not? Maybe someone will find something interesting?

April 3: 40 min/4.5 mile interval run (yes I found it on pinterest…follow me: Rachel’s Pinterest! )



2 thoughts on “You are what you Eat

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