New Pillows and Red Velvet Cake!

I bought new pillows on Saturday for our living room…and I’m still excited about them.  Does that mean I’m officially grown up?  No kid gets excited about pillows.  But they’re the perfect color and just what we needed to bring life to our couches.  See…Image

The next project might be curtains to match, but I don’t know if I’m ready to conquer those yet.  One step at a time. 

Today was also a really great food day.  I started off with the usual oatmeal, protein powder, and bananas.  For lunch I had tuna and avocado on a bagel thin. It was pretty good.  I usually mix a little Frank’s Hot Sauce in my tuna too to give it a little more flavor. 


 I’m obsessed and will put Frank’s on anything. 

Although my lunch was pretty good, my mid-afternoon snack really hit the spot.  Have you seen the Yoplait commercials that try to sell Yoplait yogurt as a replacement for dessert?  I’ve always eaten yogurt, and love the different dessert-like flavors but I’ve never really been able to completely think of it as a dessert until this…


Red Velvet Cake Yogurt. 

It was Red Velvet Cake in a small plastic container.  I was very satisfied.  And it’s only 100 calories so you don’t feel bad after eating it.  Well played Yoplait!


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